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Best Window Options When Having a Pet

Having a pet is a great and rewarding experience. For many Americans, a pet is considered part of the family. Many people go all the way when it comes to ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for their pets, and that includes looking for the best window options.

When it comes to windows designed for pets, there are many considerations. The windows have to be part of an overall pet-friendly and safe living experience. They also need to be sturdy and well-constructed, in order to continue protecting the home from forms damage.

There are many ways to outfit your windows to suit your pets’ needs. Sometimes, it can be related to window treatment or blinds. For example, window cords can be a hazard for your pet. Cats often hurt themselves through strangling. Dogs with anxiety issues would also benefit from blinds, as these would block triggering sights. You can also have your windows replaced or redesigned to accommodate your pets.

Window and Glass Options for Pets

Aside from safety options when it comes to blinds and shutters, you also need to think about functionality. There are many window and glass options when having a pet. Most pet owners have two goals when it comes to the best window options. The windows should be able to:

  • Keep pets safely inside when needed.
  • Give pets access to the yard or patio when it’s time to play.

Installing pet doors into existing windows and glass doors is a great option. Window pet doors and sliding pet doors are easy and convenient to install. You don’t have to install a dog door in your main door or even destroy part of your walls to give your pets access.

Window Pet Doors

Window pet doors are one of the best window options for pet owners. These are simple window inserts that can be installed into windows. Depending on the style, sliding or hinged panels will sit on the track of your window. There are two common types: sash windows and sliding windows.

With sash windows, the main window slides down to rest on top of the pet door. The pet door is set into the track at the bottom windowsill. This pet door can be opened up and down, or via a sliding mechanism.

Meanwhile, the window slides up against the side of the pet door with the sideways sliding windows.

Both of these best window options easily give pets an access to the outdoors when you want them too. They can also be securely shut again. Most windows have some type of pressure system with a locking mechanism. This is important because windows still need to serve as protection from the weather and other forces. However, some pet owners choose to have their sash windows permanently secured up.

Glass Doors for Pets

Much like windows, you can modify sliding glass doors to add an efficient pet door. A pet door can be custom built into your existing sliding glass door. Installment is also quick and easy.

A glass panel with a built-in pet door at the bottom replaces the existing glass panel of your sliding door. This type of glass installation won’t interfere with the locks and security alarms you have already set up as well.

Installing the Best Window Options with Glass King

You might be a new pet owner who’s looking to install a pet door in your window or glass sliding door, or you may be a homeowner who needs to replace your windows. Accidents do happen, and sometimes your best fit window needs repairing or replacement.

Thus, older, less efficient or broken window and flat glass installments should be repaired or replaced immediately. They pose a hazard to you and your pet. When it comes to home repair, replacement and custom services for glass, windows and mirrors, trust Glass King.

With professional home window repair and replacement services, you don’t need to worry how to install or repair your best window options. You’ll find no frustrations with the end-to-end window and sliding glass door services of Glass King. You can also expect anything from minor glass repair work, such as fixing cracks, to custom glass installation.

Services from Glass King includes:

  • Window replacement
  • Home window repair
  • Sliding glass door repair
  • Rollers, locks and latches
  • Custom mirrors
  • Glass table top and shelves

With a professional team dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction, you can expect only the best for your home and your adorable fur balls. Call us at (480) 389-5656 today for more details!

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