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Arizona Glass – Warriors of the Flat Glass Market

Arizona Glass professionals are the warriors of the flat glass market. The latter was approximately 55 million metric tons in 2009. With the current level of prices, the amount of flat glass produced in 2009 makes up almost 30 billion dollars. Every year, the global glass market increases 4-5 percent. Most of what international flat glass manufacturers offer is for the high quality flat glass sector. Arizona Glass professionals also found that almost 10 percent of the total demand for flat glass was for sheet glass, and about 8 percent of the global flat glass market was made up rolled glass. In most cases, changes in the global demand for flat glass reflect global economic fluctuations. Whether or not flat glass manufacturers can meet the demand for glass products and satisfy their profitability expectations will depend on the pace and quality of economic development. This is why Arizona Glass professionals constantly monitor changes in the global economic processes.

It is interesting to note that North America and China are at the forefront of the flat glass market industry. Together, China, North America, and Europe account for more than 70 percent of global flat glass manufacturing. However, Arizona Glass professionals know that Europe is the most mature market of flat glass products and, in many instances, Europe could serve the role model of stability and market development. Yet, North America has a well-developed network of flat glass manufacturers and suppliers. The leading players of the American flat glass market include Zeleydne, AGC, Cardinal, NSG, Guardian and PPG. In 2009, the United States produced a total of 4.6 million tonnes of high quality float glass. Arizona Glass has excellent knowledge of the global and national flat glass market. This is what saves us from the vulnerabilities of the market competition. We can provide you with the highest quality flat glass products that will meet your demands and expectations.

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