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Arizona Glass Votes for Glass Waste Recycling

What to do with waste glass? As sustainability is turning into a global movement, the issue of waste recycling in the glass industry is becoming more urgent. Arizona Glass professionals will give you a few tips on how to deal with waste glass. This way you can ensure that your business does not neglect the emerging social concerns for the future of the environment.

To begin with, waste glass recycling exhibits a remarkable environmental potential. Apart from its economic feasibility, recycling glass waste can provide sizable financial revenues, create jobs, and enhance your social responsibility image. Recycling can easily diminish the stream of community waste, but the challenges faced by glass waste recyclers cannot be disregarded. Actually, glass remains one of the most difficult products to recycle. First, glass recyclers must separate colored glass from clear glass waste. Second, not all recycling factors accept glass waste. Third, how to reuse glass products is often unclear, but Arizona Glass professionals know the secret.

Glass waste can be used in clay manufacturing: by adding glass, clay manufacturers can lower the processing temperature and make the final product stronger. This is how clay manufacturers can optimize their operational costs. Glass waste can become an important ingredient in plastic products, as it increases their ductility and strength. More interesting is the use of glass waste in ceramic manufacturing. More and more U.S. consumers choose ceramic tile: each year the rates of ceramic tile consumption in America increase 7-10%. New methods of glass waste processing create better opportunities for the growth of the ceramic tile industry: raw materials become cheaper; production becomes more energy-efficient; and the community can get rid of glass waste without any environmental losses.

Arizona Glass professionals believe that glass waste recycling meets consumer demands for sustainability and environmental protection. It is high time for U.S. manufacturers to consider glass waste as a source of potential economic and financial profits. Arizona Glass votes for glass waste reuse!

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