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Arizona Glass Talks about Warm Edge Technologies

Warm Edge Technologies – what are they? This is the question Arizona Glass repair is trying to answer in this post. We get dozens of calls from the customers, who try but cannot understand the essence of WET. Basically, the term Warm Edge Technologies (WET) was coined at the beginning of the 1980s, when insulated space bars were developed. The latter were intended to improve energy efficiency and performance of insulating glass units. WET is usually applied to those window areas that exceed 63 mm above the sightline. Elmahdy and Frank published an article in Glass Canada, where they suggested that WET had to and could add resistance to heat flow from the warm to the cold side of window glazing. In simple terms, WET implies that metal spacers are replaced by other materials with better thermal performance. As of today, Super Spacer is probably the most popular form of WET technology in the glass industry.

Arizona Glass professionals realize the value of WET technologies for customers. At times of energy efficiency and sustainable resource management, the use of WET ensures better allocation of limited financial and material resources. Researchers found that the material of the spacer and its thermal resistance greatly affected the temperature of glass at the edge of glass in the window unit. In other words, the thermal resistance of spacers influences the warmth and efficiency of window systems: the better thermal resistance the better and warmer the window becomes. What to do? How to achieve better thermal resistance in windows? How to use WET in practice? Arizona glass professionals know answers to all these questions. All you need to do is to call us. We have learned that warm edge technologies and super spacers do not simply improve thermal performance of windows but also permit faster assembling of IG units and reduce condensation. Almost every second insulated glass unit in America is being equipped with WET. You want the best? Arizona Glass will ensure your comfort!

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