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Arizona Glass Safety Compliance

Safety is crucial to the success of glass manufacturing. We at Arizona Glass repair know how much it takes to ensure safety and security of all industrial procedures. We know how much professional glaziers invest in devising safety strategies and systems. It is no wonder that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission seeks to implement a series of new safety standards for glaziers. In the middle of 2010, the CPSC proposed imposing new standards of product safety on glass manufacturers; the new standards would include five essential elements – product specification and production testing, certification testing, recordkeeping, and a remedial action plan. All these elements would operate as part of the single mandatory testing programs, which all glass manufacturers and glaziers would have to implement. Arizona Glass professionals are aware of the changes, which the proposed standards would cause in the glass manufacturing field. Professional glaziers will need to initiate changes to most, if not all, testing procedures, no matter what type of glass products they offer.

Just recently, the Commission announced that the decision to enforce the new standards was postponed. Most probably, the Commission wants to ensure that the new standards are manageable and feasible. In the meantime, glaziers must prepare themselves for regulatory and operational changes. New standards will go into effect and affect only safety glazing materials, which are being installed in hazardous locations. The latter have always been within the jurisdiction of the CPSC. What seems reasonable is that the Commission gives glaziers more time to familiarize themselves with the meaning and implications of the new standards. We hope that the new standards will foster the creation of high quality, safe glass products. We also hope that the new standards will not become another bureaucratic impediment to the development of the American glass market.

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