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Arizona Glass Celebrates Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Like millions of our friends, customers, and suppliers, Arizona Glass is celebrating one of the most interesting and optimistic holidays! On this wonderful day Home Glass Repair Chandler wants to tell a brief story of Thanksgiving and its historical and cultural implications. The history of Thanksgiving dates back to the beginning of the 17th century: the Plymouth Colony was the first to celebrate the holiday in 1621. The goal of the holiday was to celebrate the harvest reaped by the colony residents after a harsh winter. Home Glass Repair Arizona knows that the same year Governor William Bradford proclaimed the Thanksgiving holiday. Now Thanksgiving is an essential ingredient of our national history and culture.

We cannot imagine out lives without Christmas and New Year holidays. Likewise, we cannot imagine our lives without Thanksgiving. Earlier, Thanksgiving was celebrated every year after fall harvests. However, not all colonies were equally committed to the new tradition. It was not before 1777 that all thirteen colonies celebrated Thanksgiving. The holiday was officially declared in 1789. The fourth Thursday of November is forever ‘booked’ for the Thanksgiving Day. The only thing is that not everyone knows how to celebrate it properly.

Arizona Glass offers a number of recommendations. First, make sure you gather your friends and family members together at one table. Thanksgiving is, probably, the best reason to meet those you have not seen for a long time. In our hectic lives, we often do not find enough time for our dearest ones, but Thanksgiving gives us a second chance. Second, it does not really matter what you cook but never forget about Turkey! Without turkey no Thanksgiving is possible! Finally, and most importantly, be grateful for everything you see on and everyone around your table! And celebrate Thanksgiving with Arizona Glass and a pure heart!

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