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Arizona and Self-Cleaning Glass

Let us now come back to the discussion of various types of architectural glass. Today we will talk about self-cleaning glass – something relatively new but so promising and desired by thousands of woman all over the world! Arizona Glass chose self-cleaning glass, since its popularity constantly increases. Home Glass Repair Phoenix is quite aware of the changes in the global demand for various types of glass. Self-cleaning glass remains one of the leaders in the global glass manufacturing industry. It reduces the need to clean exterior glazing and exemplifies a revolutionary element of international glass manufacturing.

Home Glass Repair Chandler believes that self-cleaning glass caused a small revolution in the glass manufacturing industry. This type of glass builds on the unique properties of dual-action coating; the latter relies on and involves the forces of nature, including wind, rains, and snows to clean the glass from dirt and other organic matter. Arizona Glass realizes how much time self-cleaning glass really saves. It is not simply clearer than conventional types of glass; it looks much better and more attractive than other glass systems and solutions. How does it work? Dual-action coating is both hydrophilic and photo-catalytic. It works in two stages. First, natural daylight comes into a chemical reaction with the organic matter accumulated on the glass exterior glazing. Second, and Home Glass Arizona Phoenix believes that this is extremely interesting, rains or other natural forces come into play. Rain does not cause droplets but covers the window evenly all over the entire surface, turning into a thin film of liquid and organic matter, washing away dirt and leaving no streaks or dirty lines. Self-cleaning glass is expensive, but it is much more economical than cleaning windows regularly. Think of Arizona Glass once you decide to have your windows self-cleaned!

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