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Are Glass Shelves a Good Idea?

Shelves are a vital component of our homes and offices. They help us organize our belongings by providing spaces that hold them together for functional or decorative use. Shelves are usually made of wood or plastic. But there’s also good reason to consider installing glass shelves in your home or office. Besides the form, it also has functional advantages.

Fantastic Four Reasons to Get Glass Shelves

  1. It is a classy interior.

First, let’s tackle the form. If you’re after a classy look, add smooth and shiny finishes for your space. Glass shelves do just that.

Architects and interior designers have been employing minimalism in their designs in the past few years. They use glass to make spaces feel larger, brighter, and more open. In bathrooms particularly, it’s important that designs allow natural light to come in to create a relaxing experience. Installing glass does just that. In relation, glass serves as a pleasing and convenient alternative to wood. Both glass and wood are sturdy. But if you’re after a more modern look, glass is the way to go. Wood, on the other hand, gives a rather casual and rustic feel.

Like wood, glass can be cut or shaped to fit in any corner and still come out clean. The only difference is that glass comes out to be more elegant. Speaking of elegance, glass shelves can also be molded into shapes that can better fit your space’s motif.

  1. It provides order.

Now, let’s look at the function.

Glass helps brighten your space, especially the corner areas, by allowing light to pass through. It could also be a good divider in small spaces. Since glass gives a clean look, it definitely wouldn’t be visually distracting.

A simple glass shelf can hold some of your cherished books or collections from trips around the world.

Glass shelving units can also be used for your closet. You can have the glass custom-fit according to the closet’s dimensions. Shoes may be placed on top of glass shelving units. And since glass is clear, it’s easier to clean compared to wood.

For stamps and letters, use corner glass shelving units. Otherwise, you may go for rectangular shelves and hang your hooks below for a minimalist look. To complement the shelves, try hanging a mirror in your drop zone so you can do a double take before going to important gatherings.

You may also want to have floating glass shelves installed on your home office’s walls. These surely can hold business books, extra office supplies, personal photos, or other decorations.

For bathrooms, you may place soaps and other toiletries on the glass shelf. Just make sure that the glass is installed in an area that’s easily reachable. If you lack countertop space for storage so your toiletries can fit, try getting a mirror and shelf unit. You may also opt for a glass shower shelf instead of using a plastic caddy.

  1. It boasts durability.

Glass is formed just like volcanic rocks. Coming from their respective raw materials, both pass through thousands of degrees of heat and eventually harden. To be precise, sand melts at over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit – much hotter than that lava. So, just imagine the extra precaution glass production workers have to take.

Glass shelves are hard enough to carry porcelain or other objects, as long as they’re not too heavy. Glass holds on to walls well given that it’s as durable as wood.

You also may go for tempered glass if you want both more durable material and safety. Compared to regular glasses, tempered glasses pass through a slower cooling process. Newly-formed glasses pass through furnaces that have transition temperatures of around 1,148 degrees Fahrenheit. This is much higher than the normal transition temperature for cooling down newly-formed glasses. Tempered glass is also safer because it crumbles into small chunks instead of shards when it breaks. This is why it is used by car manufacturers to reduce injuries during accidents.

Commercial structures are considered to be public places since many people converge in those spaces. Given this, US building codes require the use of tempered glass during the structures’ constructions. This is to primarily ensure the public’s safety from any risk.

  1. Glass is readily-available.

Whether it’s the raw material or the finished product, glass is readily available. Believe it or not, sand is the raw material and it’s just right in our backyard! But as already mentioned, you need very high heat to melt sand and turn it to glass.

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