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Advantages of Installing Solar Sun Screens

Solar sun screens are a great addition to windows. Both the roller type and fixed panels provide not only elegance but also a number of advantages for any home or business establishment.

Capable of being installed either in the exterior or interior of a window, they provide design flexibility and practical functionality that would be of great use to home owners and business proprietors alike.

What are Solar Sun Screens?

As the name suggests, these are a special type of screens that can be used not only as a reliable shading device but also is effective at reduction of solar heat gain. They make rooms a lot cooler even on a hot day.

Solar sun screens are typically made with PVC-coated fiberglass and polyester, making them both durable and stylish. Since these screens come in dense meshes, they provide enough optical view and clarity. This gives the room adequate ambience to work in without the use of too many lights during day time.

Benefits to Using Solar Sun Screens

There are many advantages to using solar sun screens. Some of these include the following:

  • Heat reduction.

Since they reflect light, solar sun screens can keep the room cool despite how hot the temperature is outside. One just have to mind how the screen is installed. If reducing heat gain is the goal, the reflective side should be facing out.

  • Heat loss reduction

Come winter, home owners would not mind adding extra heat to the home. These screens can do exactly that. By having the reflective side in, solar energy is absorbed rather than reflected. This significantly reduces heat loss especially on those cold winter nights.

  • Energy management

They can be used to either reduce heat or decrease heat loss. As such, no need to solely rely on air conditioning to keep the room cool or the heater to keep the room warm.

Another thing these screens do is that they allow sufficient light in. This means lesser usage of lights during day time. Expect a significant decrease in energy consumption, making them a practical choice for any resident or commercial establishment using solar screens.

  • Excellent UV protection

Solar sun screens are very effective at blocking harmful UV rays. UV radiation is generated by the sun and can cause several kinds of illnesses including skin cancer.

Other health concerns related to constant exposure to UV rays are sunburn, eye damage, and even premature aging. Some of these screens provide up to 99% UV protection which make them beneficial to one’s health.

  • Cost effective

These screens are relatively cheaper so they are an economical solution to concerns in shading, UV protection, heat reduction, and decrease in heat loss. With these screens, people get the best functionality at an affordable price tag.

  • Flexibility

Solar sun screens can be used in the exterior or the interior of the window. You can turn the reflective side out if you need to reduce heat. Turn it the other way if you want to keep the heat in.

The screens can come as roller shades or as fixed panels depending on the owner’s needs or taste. Such flexibility gives a whole range of options when using this particular type of screens.

Things to Consider When Choosing and Maintaining Solar Sun Screens

While having solar sun screens is an excellent idea, one must have to take into consideration some things to keep them in optimum function for a longer period of time.


Screens will get dirty over time and when this happens, it will adversely affect their functionality. Avoid this situation through proper maintenance.

You will need a soft cloth or soft bristle brush to gently scrub the screens with soapy water. Thoroughly rinse them with a hose, making sure there is no soapy residue left.  Dry the screens before reinstalling them.

Do this at least twice a year unless you stay in a windy or dusty environment. You might have to clean the screens quarterly if you live in this type of area.


A fixed panel is relatively cheaper than the roller type. If you still want the roller shades, it is wise to invest in quality motorized installation. This may add to the cost. However, it will ensure that the use of your solar sun screens will stand the test of time.

Have Solar Sun Screens Installed in Your Home or Building

Scoring high in functionality and practical use not to mention their health benefits, installing solar sun screens is undoubtedly a wise move. Whether it is keeping the heat in or out, these screens will do the job for you.

With the many advantages these screens offer, it is time to check with the nearest supplier to see how these can be accommodated in your own home or office.

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