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A Quick Guide on New Window Installation

Do you enjoy changing things at home to keep up with the trends, or give it a new look occasionally? Great! Seeing new things is an effective way to improve the look of your dwelling. But, if you want to enjoy aesthetics and functionality, new window installation may be your best option.

To help you get started, below is a quick guide to making the most out of this amazing project.

How to choose the right window for your house?

While it is true that there are numerous options for home windows in the market these days, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to make this job easier:

1.      Needs

More than the style or trend, it is essential to determine your needs before purchasing new windows. By doing this, you can eliminate unnecessary costs from buying something that may not meet your expectations.

If this task seems daunting, seek professional help. The experts can give sound advice on the type of material, size, and other essentials you must consider in any home window purchase. As such, you can get things done easier while avoiding other expenses.

2.      Materials

New windows are available in glass, vinyl, wood, and aluminum materials. Each one offers different style, finish, and insulation level, perfect for all types of houses.

Wood is one of the best options if you prefer a more aesthetic look for your windows. They offer a natural finish that the other types cannot provide. Aside from that, they are fantastic insulators, maintaining more warmth inside the house while keeping the cold out. This feature helps you save energy bills, especially during winter.

Fiber windows are perfect for places that are prone to typhoons. They are more robust compared to wood and vinyl. Thus, protecting your house from bad weather conditions. On the other hand, glass windows offer a transparent look to your windows, inviting more natural light to get inside your house. They are easier to clean, too. Hence, maintaining a few at home would take a little of your time.

3.      Energy efficiency

Apart from the functionality, you must consider its energy efficiency in purchasing new windows. Take note that some materials offer more energy savings. Hence, choosing the right one can affect your bills every month.

Remember to check the R-values when shopping for new windows, as the number can help indicate its insulation properties. The higher the R-value, the better insulation it offers. For instance, glass windows with clear panels only provide 1 R-value, while Triple-pane windows can provide up to 7 R. Hence, the latter ensures more insulation and energy efficiency.

Tips for preparing for new window installation

After determining your needs, budget, and material for your new windows, consider the following tips in preparing your house for the installation.

Hire a licensed home installation company.

New window installation is a tricky job and requires expert hands. Glass windows may shatter when strong winds occur, while leaks can transpire when the insulation fails to do its job. Thus, doing it without a license or prior experience may cause harm not just to the person handling the project but everyone around the house.

Look for a reliable company like Glass King that can handle the task well. Determine their legitimacy by checking their license and reading reviews from their previous customers. By doing this, you can avoid potential accidents from a DIY project and unnecessary costs due to failed new window installation.

Call the company before the installation day.

Although professional companies have enough experience handling new window installation, contacting your chosen contractor is okay before the process begins. Remember, some things can be overlooked. Thus, checking things earlier helps avoid inconvenience.

Here are a few things you might want to check:

  • Ask for a specific time frame that they can finish the project. Can they do it in one day? It will take longer than three days? Their answer will give you insights on what to expect during the installation.
  • Check if they will install the windows inside the house, outside, or both. Inform your loved ones about their process to avoid little children playing around during the new window installation.
  • Apply safety measures. Go through your old windows and check for anything that can potentially cause harm. This includes electric wires, slippery areas, and more. If you see anything, remove it beforehand to avoid accidents during the installation.

Remove alarms, blinds, and other items that can cause delays.

Before the installation day, remove all window alarms, blinds, and other items within the area.

Call your security company a few days earlier and ask them to help you remove the alarms. You can also seek help from family members who can temporarily detach the blinds. Doing so helps avoid any delay in the project, as those items usually take longer to separate.

New window installation is an essential project for any household. Hence, you must hire the best company and do your research before the installation day to make the most out of this fantastic venture.

Enjoy the perks of new windows at home.

Are you looking for a reliable company to handle your home window projects? Glass King Is Arizona’s most trusted company that provides home window repair and installation services. What are you waiting for? Call us now for a FREE quote, and let us handle all your window repair or installation needs!

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