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A Day without Glass – A Monster Reality

Everybody says that glass is the most enabling and crucial material in today’s world. Look around and see how many wonderful things are made of glass. We at Chandler Glass greatly contribute to the development of our glass industry. We constantly expand the range of the glass products and services that are available from us. Today, we have decided to develop and present a story of one day without glass. Let’s turn our imagination on and think of what could have happened, if we had not known anything about glass.

You wake up in the morning and… if you think that you open your window to take a deep breath and enjoy a beautiful sunny weather, you are wrong! Your house has no windows, because no one knows how to make them and glaze them. Every morning, you see one and the same picture: your walls decorated with quality paintings and the door (a metal door) that leads to the yard. You never know what is going on outside, until you go out. You have no windows, and your doors are not transparent. So, it usually takes time to understand what you are going to wear today.

Your bed and the table near it are made of wood. You have a metal can standing on your bed table, just in case you want to drink at night. Like the rest of your dishes, your can is made of tin metal. It is cold and unpleasant. At times, you can feel like cold water is burning your stomach from within. Unfortunately, you don’t know that glass could make your life better and more pleasant.

You go to the bathroom. A piece of smooth metal is there – something like a mirror. You look into it and realize that you are being late for work. It will take some time to make the water for your tea hot, and the metal can with a hot tea in it will again burn your hands and stomach, while you are drinking it in a hurry.

Now you are outside. The metal doors to your room are closed. You look back and see your house – a tiny but very dull gray box without a single window. You don’t even think about it, because everyone lives in such houses. No one ever thinks there could be windows. You see a public bus passing by, with large holes that reveal dozens of people inside. It is cold, but the holes are needed to ensure constant presence of fresh air inside. The driver is coughing – without the front and rear glass all drivers subject themselves to unreasonable health risks.

Today, you want to take a walk. So, you decide to visit a couple of stores before you start your working day, As you can imagine, there are no store fronts, simply because there is no glass! You walk between the long shelves with products and services, not knowing what is going outside. The atmosphere is quite pressing, and you don’t know what to do about it.

It is a story of just one morning from somebody’s life without glass. For us, working at Chandler Glass, this story resembles a science fiction movie. The scary atmosphere of technological development, but without glass in it, leaves a deeply negative impression. I would not like to live in a world without glass. At the same time, when it comes to glass things, I always want to have the best quality products. I also want to give away quality products and services. We at Chandler Glass hope that you will choose us to make your life colored with glass!

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