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5 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Sun Screen for the summer

Choosing a sun screen for your windows seem mundane work, but it’s a crucial detail for your home. Sun screens add a ton of benefits not only for you but for your loved ones too.

A good window sun screen not only protects your home from UV rays but improves your home’s cooling. With that said, there are many choices for window sun screens available on the market. How do you pick the best, especially for the summer? Below, we listed down five crucial factors in choosing a sun screen for your windows in time for summer.

Why is a Window Sun Screen Important?

Before figuring out which sunscreen is right for you, it’s vital to know why they are important.

Sun screens are window installations that add a screen that blocks out the sun. They fit into your exterior windows that face the sun. If too much sunlight enters your home’s window, it’s likely a good idea to install a sun screen because it’s excellent for blocking out 70% to 90% of the sun’s radiation. Many designs can block certain spectrums of solar radiation, from UVA and UVB rays. Such an installation reduces your risk of certain types of skin cancer.

Another advantage of installing window sun screens is the energy savings. Depending on what you install, sun screens can filter the sun’s heat, thereby stabilizing your indoor cooling and make it more efficient.

There are also sun screen designs that complement the design of your home. Screens that have smaller holes can also deter insects, including flies and mosquitoes. For those living in sunny locales, a sun screen will be a welcome addition to your home.

Choosing the Right Sun Screen

So, what criteria do you follow in choosing a sun screen? Here are five factors you would want to consider.

·       UV Protection

The first consideration for any sun screen is to find out how much UV protection it gives you. The best window sun screen for you is something that provides the best protection against UV radiation. UV protection will also help protect furniture from sun damage.

So, what’s the best pick? The common choices when picking a window sun screen are 70%, 80%, or 90% protection sun screen. The 90% protection sunscreen has the highest rating, but it’s the least cost-efficient.

While 90% protection sounds good, you would want to add in other factors for consideration.

·       Local Climate

Many homeowners will notice many different materials when choosing a sun screen. Depending on your state and local climate, you would want to pick the right material. Make sure that your sun screen can withstand the local climate of your region.

Materials that work in hotter regions like Arizona will likely not work for those living in cooler climates as some materials can delaminate under consistent heat.

Some sun screens have materials that can withstand frigid winters and won’t crack on a blizzard. It’s best to talk to your Chandler AZ window expert to find the right options for you.

·       Color and Design

When choosing a sun screen, you will likely come across a variety of designs and colors. Before going for a specific sun screen, ensure that the design will complement your home.

Many sun screens stay with the color black as a neutral, universal color. This color allows homeowners to have a more discreet looking set of windows. It also prevents your home from having “colored” lighting that passes through the window.

·       Budget

When buying a sun screen, carefully consider how much you’re willing to spend. Different varieties of sun screens fall under a slew of budgets. Some sun screens are low-cost installations that need little work. Others are long-term investments that will last you years upon years but will be expensive upfront.

Higher quality sun screens will have more UV protection and light absorption. Higher quality sometimes means higher price, so put careful consideration. Check with a window sun screen installer to see how far your budget can bring you.

·       Children and Pets

When choosing a sun screen, it’s also crucial to consider your children and pets. There are sun screens out there that are easy to destroy because of their flimsy materials.

If you have children or pets that can have destructive behavior, you would want to pick more durable variants. You want something that can withstand wear and tear, together with other physical damage. You want the sun screen to last a long time, so pick a durable material that can withstand consistent damage.

Ask Your Local Window Expert When Choosing a Sun Screen

When it comes to choosing a sun screen, there are several factors you need to consider. UV protection, material quality, material durability, and budget are only some details you want to check. It’s best to read online the best materials or find out what is right for your locale.

For those who don’t have time to do research, the best you can do is talk to your local window expert. Window experts will have the right knowledge to match you with the right sun screen.

Talk to your local window expert today and find out which sun screen is right for you.

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