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5 Signs You Need to Get a Residential Glass Repair

Residential glass repair is something you’ll need at some point. The shelf life of glass lasts from 15 to 30 years, but it’s common for it to experience a few problems. If you have may uses for your residential glass, you’d want to have it repaired as soon as possible.

It’s easy to see that a shattered glass needs replacement, but are there other signs to look for if the glass is not yet obviously broken? Here are five signs that may indicate it’s time to get residential glass repair.

Glass can have more problems beyond broken glass.

The most common reason homeowners get residential glass repair is a broken window. Physical damage necessitates immediate repair as there could be risks involved. For one, you’re opening yourself up to problems like burglars and cold weather.

5 Signs You Need to Call a Residential Glass Repair Expert

Not all homes get a broken window glass as a sign. Some glass doors and windows even last for 15 to 20 years, but they could still use some repairing. A glass expert can help check if your glass has become brittle or on the verge of breaking.

1.      Water is seeping between your glass panels.

When water starts coming into your house during a rainy day, there’s a likely chance you need a glass repair soon. You need to remember that your door and window glass need to stop torrents from dripping in.

If water is coming in through the glass, you likely need a residential glass repair. Your glass pane is likely loose or has chips in areas obscured from view. When this happens, the only solution is to repair or replace it.

Water coming into your home can cause many problems such as molds and rot. At the first sign of water damage, call your local glass repair expert.

2.      Your glass doesn’t provide ambient noise protection.

A good window or door glass should protect you from external and ambient noise. Sound from outside your house can be disruptive, especially when you’re working from home. The last thing you want inside your home are construction noises and cars honking.

If your glass door or windows provide little protection from outdoor noise, these don’t have the right seal. It’s also likely that you have low-quality, poorly-made residential glass.

A residential glass repair can furnish you with new types of glass. New double and triple pane glass, for example, can create a drastic decrease in noise. If you live in a busy neighborhood, this replacement is a must for you.

3.      Your glass panes often get too foggy.

It’s normal for your glass panes to get foggy every once in a while. When warm air hits cold air, condensation occurs on doors and windows. If your windows cloud up a lot more than usual, then there’s likely a problem.

Properly working windows should keep the draft outside. It needs to prevent the airflow you have inside. Foggy glass panes mean there’s a gap somewhere.

This can also happen to your mirrors or glass tables. When your mirrors and glass tables get more and more stains and occlusions, they likely have bad glazing. They can also form water spots, which can be a problem.

When this happens, it’s best to talk to a glass repair expert and have them inspect the windows. Residential glass repair can happen if the construction is too bad. Some experts can even offer to replace them with more energy-efficient and stain-free glass.

Sure, you might get some extra cost upfront, but the long-term savings is notable. It would pay for itself in due time.

4.      Your heating and cooling costs are higher.

Are your heating and cooling costs higher than before? If they are, there are two possibilities to it. One, you either have faulty HVAC, which means you need to replace your heating or AC. Two, you have a non-insulating glass window.

Over time, glass windows can become less energy-efficient. Low quality, non-glazed glass can cause air to flow freely. It also blocks ambient temperatures from passing through.

The more heat or cold that radiates from the outside, the less efficient your indoor solutions could become. When this happens, your heating and cooling would need to work more to keep your thermostat. Taxing your HVAC means more energy consumption, which leads to higher bills.

So, see if you can remedy the situation by adding blinds or curtains. If the situation doesn’t improve, a residential glass repair might be in order. Look for energy-efficient glass doors and windows that reduce ambient heat and cold.

Glazed glass windows with Krypton or Argon can also help. Low-e glass can save you some dollars in the long run.

5.      Glass Doors and Windows are Harder to Operate

If the doors or windows at home are hard to operate, you likely need some glass repair. The problem can come from many factors, especially if you have a sliding shower door. It can be a matter of broken rail or a squeaky frame.

If the glass is giving you headaches, talk to a glass repair expert as soon as possible. You’re not simply dealing with window frames, but rather the entire installation. Moreover, these can contribute to high-energy costs and a less comfy home.

Get your glass inspected before you start replacing, especially if you’re going to DIY. Talk to a professional and see the amount of work that your residential glass require.

Get a Residential Glass Repair When You See these Signs

Residential glass repair is a crucial step when finding doors and windows that you want to last a lifetime. Make sure to look at all the signs of a problematic glass pane and see what you can do. You want a window that keeps you cool, calm, and safe in your home.

Find a residential glass repair expert that knows how to offer the right price and glass for you. Talk to us today and find out how we can save you money on bills and insulation with our high-quality premium glass.

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