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New Import Taxes on Glass – What’s Next?

How often do you think of trying to penetrate into a foreign market? At the same time, how often do you think about the way your country protects your industry and business position from foreign competition? At times of major economic shifts, the role of state in the national economy becomes extremely important. Like many […]

New Glass Architecture For Sale

What glass art really is everyone decides independently. Art is so unique and unexpected that setting the boundaries or establishing the criteria of art forms is impossible and even useless. The beauty of glass art can hardly be overstated. We at glass repair Gilbert would say that any activity that is related to glass is […]

Glass Shower Doors – Really Safe!

Just a couple of days ago we spoke about the way glass shower doors tend to shatter without any reason. Glass repair Gilbert sincerely believes that, in the glass industry, safety and security are above all. However, we should also consider another side of the topic. It appears that glass shower doors bring more benefits […]

Glass Has Emotions – The Power of Glass Art

Glass as the instrument and element of art has been used for centuries. It seems that, since the very beginning of its history, glass has become a remarkable ingredient of many artistic endeavors. When we say that there are no limits to creativity, we also mean that there are no limits to art creativity. We […]

Glass: Love or Kill?

Have you ever thought that glass can easily become an instrument of crime? Have you ever thought that, after a guy injures a girl with a piece of glass, she can forgive him, visit him in jail, send him “I love you” messages, and even agree to marry him? Seems like we are talking about […]