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The Rose Window of Lausanne Cathedral

The Rose Window of Lausanne Cathedral   Pierre d’Arras created this spectacular stained glass window for the south facade of the Lausanne Cathedral in Lausanne, Switzerland. From 1231-1235, the traveling artist from Picardy handcrafted the gothic rose-shaped window of concentric circles with layers of complex imagery and meaning. Round like the universe was thought to […]

Glass In Medicine

Glass In  Medicine Okay, so we’re a little obsessed with glass.  Beyond the traditional uses of glass in building and structure though, there are many surprising places that glass is essential to everyday life that we don’t normally think about.  The screen of the computer that you are using to read this blog, for example.  […]

Revival of Modern Architecture in Arizona

There has been a revival of modern architecture in Arizona recently, as the real estate market has been conducive for investors and younger buyers that don’t want to live in houses like their grandmothers.  Seventies architecture is ubiquitous, especially in Phoenix and the surrounding suburbs, as the city saw a lot of growth during that […]

Entry Doors Stained Glass Panels

Doors.  Rock and roll!  Just kidding, we’re a glass company here, so we’re talking about the kind you open.  And shut.  Normally, we do window glass repair on sliding glass doors, also known as Arcadia doors.  Sometimes we get calls on French doors too.  But a lot of entry doors have glass panes, and just […]

Broken Window?

Does your home or office have a broken window?  It could be an issue of safety and liability!  If you need to fix windows, time is of the essence.  Not only will the  window glass repair specialists at Glass King respond to your call promptly, they can usually provide same-day service.  When calling, please have the […]

Window Installation

Window installation can be a daunting process.  Removing the old window safely can be an involved process, especially if it is a putty window or has been heavily caulked.  Window sizes vary immensely and the correct measurements are key to fitting the window properly.  Complicating matters are the variety of building materials involved – wood, […]

New Import Taxes on Glass – What’s Next?

How often do you think of trying to penetrate into a foreign market? At the same time, how often do you think about the way your country protects your industry and business position from foreign competition? At times of major economic shifts, the role of state in the national economy becomes extremely important. Like many […]

New Glass Architecture For Sale

What glass art really is everyone decides independently. Art is so unique and unexpected that setting the boundaries or establishing the criteria of art forms is impossible and even useless. The beauty of glass art can hardly be overstated. We at glass repair Gilbert would say that any activity that is related to glass is […]

Glass Shower Doors – Really Safe!

Just a couple of days ago we spoke about the way glass shower doors tend to shatter without any reason. Glass repair Gilbert sincerely believes that, in the glass industry, safety and security are above all. However, we should also consider another side of the topic. It appears that glass shower doors bring more benefits […]

Glass Has Emotions – The Power of Glass Art

Glass as the instrument and element of art has been used for centuries. It seems that, since the very beginning of its history, glass has become a remarkable ingredient of many artistic endeavors. When we say that there are no limits to creativity, we also mean that there are no limits to art creativity. We […]