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Decorating Windows for the Holidays!

No, we’re not talking about the more involved projects you find on Pinterest.  Don’t get us wrong, at Glass King, we love Pinterest!  Some of those projects can represent a significant investment of time, energy, and money.  We’re talking about the simple, easy, do-it-yourself decorations that don’t cost an arm and a leg, and that […]

Inviting Strangers Into Your Home

We all do it.  Arizonians are known to be friendly.  We don’t mind inviting strangers into our homes and rarely does it ever cause concern or have a negative result.  When allowing workmen into your home though, keep in mind that some of those “fly-by-night” operators may be people that have lost jobs from reputable […]

Considering Cost and Options in Home Renovations

The bottom line – it’s what matters most.  Renovating a home or property is an expensive undertaking.  It can be time consuming, stressful, intimidating, and it tests ones skills and spirit.  Home remodeling has been known to make or break relationships.  The arguments are rarely about finishes and choices of products or labor, they are […]

Frameless Shower Enclosures – An Idea Worth Being Realized!

Most probably, you have heard a lot about shower doors and their various features. However, this is the right time to speak about frameless shower enclosures. We have noticed that our customers ask more questions about this particular type of glass products, so this is why we are willing to provide more information about them. […]

Making Sense of Residential Glass Repair

Residential glass – why so important? Most likely, you asked yourself this question at least once in your life. However, you most probably know the answer to this question, well, unless you have come from an unknown island and don’t know anything about technologies and construction. Yet, even then, you should understand the value and […]

Going Green with Glass King

You wouldn’t think that repairing a broken window would help the environment, but it does.  The more electricity you use, the bigger your carbon footprint.  Fixing and replacing your broken, worn, and outdated windows can save you money but it can also help save the planet.  It’s less expensive than buying energy star-rated appliances and […]

How Stained Glass Windows Are Made

Stained glass windows – how are they made? These wonders grace churches, historical buildings, Victorian homes, cathedrals, and works of modern art all throughout the world.  Creating them requires great skill, patience, and a lot of lead soldering. The first step is to diagram the window on a small scale, in color, called a Vidimus. […]

Sliding Glass Doors: Safety and Compliance

Sliding doors: is it a good choice for modern houses? Certainly it is. The benefits of using sliding glass doors in construction can hardly be overstated. However, everyone using this type of doors should be prepared to face problems. These problems are not specific to sliding doors but simply suggest that even the most perfect […]

Emergency Glass Services

How often do you think about emergencies? Never, and this is why they are called emergencies! They are unexpected and, this is why, most troublesome and damaging to property and your moral state. However, there are things, which you should know: no matter what your emergency is, there is always someone to help you! Get […]

Storefront Glazing – Choose Thoroughly

Storefront glazing is everything that refers to the glass decorating any commercial establishment, mainly commercial stores. In other words, storefront glazing is a piece of glass, which separates the store from the rest of the world. Storefronts are used by business owners to present and advertise their products. It is the storefronts that keep our […]