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Phoenix Window Glazing Compound

  Window glazing compound, or ‘putty’, is a clay-like substance used to seal glass panes into wood framed windows. When installed, this clay-like substance oxidizes and becomes hard. The linseed oil usually contained in the compound speeds up the process of hardening the compound. However, with time, the compound may become extremely brittle. The cracks […]

Phoenix Triple Glazing

Triple Glaze Glass

There are no limits to perfection, and even double-glazed windows are not the most advanced form of glazing used in modern houses. It appears that triple glazed windows can provide customers with unique benefits and opportunities. Triple glazed windows are those which have three glass panels with an air gap between them. Whether triple glazed […]

Phoneix Double Glazed Windows

Double glazing is the type of glazing that involves more than one window pane. Simply put, double glazing is the use of two dissimilar glass panes that are set apart by a layer of air or gas and then sealed. Double glazed windows are designed in ways that create a perfect barrier against sound and […]

Phoenix Window Glazing

Window glazing presents a vast array of design opportunities. Despite the acceleration of technical progress, glazing remains an essential ingredient of the building routine. That is, many people prefer using glazing to installing an entirely new window. Several reasons explain why glazing may be a preferable option against installing a new window. First, it is […]