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10 Reasons Why You Need Insect Screens at Home

Insect screens are considered a staple in most homes. It has a wide range of benefits at home whether it’s health-related, privacy concerns, or safety implications. Cost-efficient and functional, these screens are a popular and necessary choice for anyone’s home.

  1. Insect screens keep out the insects

Let’s start with the most obvious function, keeping out the insects. From flies, bees and mosquitoes, insect screens are effective in keeping the insects out of your house. It is most helpful during the warmer months where insects are everywhere.

  1. Keeps your house hygienic and clean

Imagine leaving your food on the table and forgetting that the windows are open. This is an invitation to the flies and other insects outside that may crawl over to your food. They don’t just contaminate the food, they will crawl all over your surfaces too. It gets worse when you have pets.

Have you ever thrown their food a few times upon seeing that flies have laid eggs on it? It’s disgusting to look at and it’s wasteful. But most importantly, this contaminated food becomes a disease-carrier. You really have no choice but to throw it out.

  1. Additional security

There are certain types of screens that provide additional security to your house. They are constructed from strong materials that may help prevent unwelcome entry and access into your home. Their net structure is strong and the frames are durable. This means these types of screens are difficult to tamper with and may help avoid breaking and entering crimes.

  1. Helps keep your kids safe

Insect screens help keep your children safe because they prevent insects from coming into your house. You know how disease-carrying insects can be dangerous. There’s dengue, the Zika virus, Lyme disease, etc. Installing screens is a preventive measure from these diseases.

Apart from disease prevention, screens are also ideal for making sure your kids do not enter restricted areas. Some common examples are the front garden or your backyard. If these places require supervision, kids can be diverted by adding some screens in the area. This is a much better option than closing all doors. The insect screen does the job of keeping them out without making it look like you’ve built a fortress. Think about this the next time you want to manage your kids’ access and stay within your sight.

  1. Contributes to the privacy of your house

Many screens provide the element of privacy with the use of traditional black mesh construction. This makes it hard for someone outside to see what’s inside your house especially if they’re far away. It’s different when you’re inside because you can easily see outside. Consider this perk when thinking of installing screens at home.

  1. Adds style

Some might consider this a bonus but insect screens add style to your house. Decorative screens are already available in the market. These can provide the needed protection from the elements while still aligning with the look of your house.

An example would be a wrought iron decorative screen. This can add additional curbside beauty to your home while still performing its main function as a screen. Aluminum and wood designs are available as well. Just pick a material you would like to work. It’s up to you to match it with the overall style of your home.

  1. Saves energy and money

We know you’d like to keep the air conditioning running the whole day especially during summer. Unfortunately, this can be very costly. You might regret those few hours of relief from the heat when you see your electric bill. The perfect solution? Install insect screens!

They help regulate the temperature in your house by providing natural ventilation and fresh air. You can now open your window without inviting in any debris or insects from outside. Installing insect screens is an investment, but they’re an investment you can rely on for a long time.

  1. Welcomes natural light

An insect screen allows more natural light inside of your house compared to traditional doors or windows. Because the screen has a somewhat transparent surface, it allows brightness in unlike solid doors.

The entry of natural light to your house adds to the perception of space. It makes a room brighter and cozier, you’d want to spend more time inside. Natural light also means there’s lesser need for electric lights which results to energy-saving benefits.

  1. Fresh air

Screens by definition are made out of perforated mesh construction. The holes are small enough to prevent entry of unwanted elements e.g. insect and debris. But, the holes are open enough to allow in the air. Because there is increased air circulation and ventilation inside your house, you have a good supply of clean air. It’s been proven that clean air at home is crucial for good health.

On the other hand, blocked or closed off areas become the breeding ground for bacteria. These areas also stop the flow of pollutant and contaminants which means they’re trapped in that same space. When there’s a high concentration of airborne contaminants in an enclosed space, your health may be affected.

Furthermore, lack of ventilation can result to your area being susceptible to mold growth. Exposure to molds can increase your risk for bacterial and respiratory infections. This just proves that proper ventilation and air circulation are important in any home. Installing screens may help you take care of this.

  1. Preserve the beautiful view

You wouldn’t want to block a beautiful view, right? This can be prevented by installing screens in some parts of your house. Screens help you achieve the privacy of a solid door. However, with the help of the mesh’s transparency, you can still enjoy your beautiful view.

Interested in installing an insect screen at your house? Look no further than Glass King. Call now at 480-389-5656!

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